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Hair loss can be of multiple causes and types. It can be for a few months to
years, partial or complete, patterned or global. It is normal to lose 100-150
hairs every day, which is often un-noticed.
There are multiple causes for hair loss and can vary in both the genders.

Androgenetic alopecia
Most common type of hair loss is Androgenetic alopecia or in simple words
balding. As it follows a specific pattern in males and females, it is also termed
as patterned hair loss. This is mainly related to hereditary factors, ageing and

Telogen effluvium
It is a form of temporary hair loss and it is reversible that usually occurs after a
stressful episode. The triggering factors can be any illness, severe stress, diet
changes, sudden weight loss, underlying health conditions, drugs, pregnancy
and child birth.

Infections of hair and scalp can cause hair loss. Fungal infections ( Tinea
Capitis) are common among children and can result in patchy hair loss.
Infections can rapidly increase in size and can also spread to others. Timely
treatment will help in complete resolution.

Alopecia areata
This is an autoimmune condition where multiple patches of hair loss are seen
over scalp, beard, mustache, eyebrows and body. It is classified into different
types based on the areas of involvement. Diagnosis and medication is the
mainstay of treatment.
There are many other conditions which can cause reversible or irreversible hair