Pores are openings of tubules through which oil glands excrete excess sebum(oil). The oil from these openings spreads as a thin layer over the skin preventing moisture loss and protecting the skin from various factors such as pollutants.

They get enlarged when the activity of the oil glands increase, making them prominent. Facial hair also emerges from the same opening and presence of thicker hair gives a picture of wide pores. Skin debris, excessively secreted sebum, environmental substances can clog these pores giving appearance of blackheads or whiteheads.

Hereditary factors, hormonal changes, ageing, nutrition, sun damage bring changes in the pores.


Topical medication – There are different procedures which give great results in making the pores less prominent but a regular skin care is must to maintain the results long.

Microneedling – this procedure results in collagen regeneration and improves elasticity. This gives better results when combined with different agents.

Microbotox – a small quantity of botulinum is used in this procedure and it gives good results in short period which would last for 2 – 3 months

Chemical peels – peels based on salicylic acid, retinol, TCA give good changes in a few sessions

Microneedling Radiofrequency(MNRF) – RF energy used in this procedure along with microneedling enhances the results making this procedure very effective