Skin tags are small,soft out growths of skin which are often seen around the folds of neck, underarms, groin, eyelids, trunk. They are usually skin coloured but sometimes can be brown or balck. They are painless unless irritated or inflamed.

They are seen in almost half of the population and the number and size usually increases with age.

Multiple skin tags are often associated with obesity, diabetes mellitus Type-2 and insulin resistance. A few may have genetic predisposition and the condition can run in families.

Skin tags are harmless, non-contagious but may signify a few underlying conditions which are to evaluated.


Skin Tags can be removed using Electrocautery or radiofrequency.


Moles are skin growth often with clusters of pigment cells. They can be brown, black, skin coloured or red. Moles can be flat or raised and may have hair growth. The number can be as many as 40.

Moles appear at birth, develop during early life and can increase in number and also darken as age progresses.

Moles can develop into atypical forms in a few cases, especially in light skinned people. Attention to be given and a Dermatologist consultation is required if changes in colour, shape, size, surface changes, itching or discomfort are noticed.


Typical moles can be removed by either excision or LASERs. Definite way is excision either punch or electrocautery.


Warts are infectious skin growths which can spread from person to person either through direct contact or through contact by sharing objects.

They usually resolve by themselves but may require months to year. There are different types of warts and each has an affinity to a few sites of the body.

Seek Dermatologist opinion in the initial days to prevent the increase in number, the spread to other sites of the body or family


Evaluation of warts is required prior to treatment, a few investigations may be required to draw a diagnosis. Along with the procedures for removal of warts, medication is required to minimise the recurrences.

  • Electrocautery
  • Chemical cautery
  • Radiofrequency
  • Cryosurgery.